Meet the Software Team

Thaina Paredes
Software Developer I

Shawn Mejia
Systems Analyst

About the Team

The Software Development team is fundamentally responsible for analyzing systems, gathering requirements and sourcing efficient long-term e-solutions for the Government of Belize. It is an absolute necessity that these solutions are practical and extensible. With the increased need to improve how information is relayed and how general business processes function; the development team has partnered with various government entities in an effort to transform current manual systems into electronic systems for both public officers as well the general public. It is our mission and vision to ensure that these services are secure and useful.


  • Website Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Website Modifications
  • Website Maintenance
  • System Analysis and Design

Application Developmentresponsive-design


The Belize Electronic Licenses and Permits System (BELAPS) is the electronic system that is being developed to allow the public to apply and acquire the necessary licenses and permits needed to import or export commodities in the country of Belize.  The first phase includes commodities controlled by the Supplies Control Unit (SCU).  The agencies identified that allow permits related to SCU and included in this phase are:

  • Fisheries Department
  • Forestry Department
  • Agriculture Department
  • Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA)

An interface with Customs & Excise system (ASYCUDA) will be formulated for an automated transfer to exchange license/permit information within these systems.  This will allow all agencies to be able to properly reconcile their respective license/permit information.  As the main system, BELAPS will allow the user (public) to connect to these agencies to apply and process the required licenses and permits.   The user will be able to view the status of the application as it is being processed at the agency.

To use BELAPS, the user’s application will need to undergo a validation process.  The validation process consists of several procedures to confirm the legal existence of the documents being submitted by the user.  To finalize the validation process, the user will be asked to visit the office with the original documents and once successful he/she will be given a password for the login that was submitted with the application.  With this login and password the user will be able to access BELAPS.  This registration process is a one-time process.  After the transition phase (between the first two years), a fee will be applied to new registration and annual renewals to use BELAPS.


The Online Permit Application & Licensing System (hereafter referred to as OPAL) is a web based application for the purpose of issuing permits on behalf of the Department of the Environment. These permits are used for the import or export of scrap metal, used tires, lead acid batteries, OSD/halogenated gases, refrigeration/ air conditioning equipments and petroleum products. Users are required to make payment of the required fees at any Belize Treasury or sub Treasury Departments before applying for a permit and will then receive their permit via the OPAL system.

OSI Application

The Office of the Supervisor of Insurance (OSI) holds the primary responsibility of supervising the industry. This entails the annual licensing of insurance companies, association of underwriters and insurance intermediaries. The OSI online Application is designed to allow data entry, submission and review of Insurance Company Particulars, Financial Statements, Details of the Balance Sheet, Operating Details and Income Statements electronically. Registered companies and authorized personnel may access annual Reports as needed